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     You have just selected the only web-site you will ever need to keep your eye on the whole Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Whether you are an owner, exhibitor, trainer, spectator, or a newcomer this site will become full of vital information that will lead you through the different levels of our business and the history of this great breed and its people. But, I caution you…this site is full of truthful and factual information and discussion that attempts to make our business better. We have an open discussion page that allows you to comment on horses, trainers, judges, horse shows and their results. This site invites you to express your honest and truthful opinion on all these areas. We will not edit or refuse any comment you make concerning any area of our business, as long as it conforms to the rules and regulations of our forums and its dump policy. We feel its time to call a spade a spade. This business has gone too long without some accountability. We do ask that you refrain from personal attacks. We aren’t a rumor mill, but if a rumor surfaces…don’t be surprised if someone does ask for its validity or an explanation. All we ask in most situations is that you have the guts to sign your name to your comments if they are negative, and please refrain from vulgar language. Remember this site attempts to be truthful and factual…a place to absorb from all areas of this business, information that will take you from a loser to a winner.

         If you are ready to play this business on a different level, and if you are ready to start wearing the roses instead of smelling them as they go by, then click away. If you don’t like criticism and can’t realize that the whole system of walking horse judging is based on pure opinion, then please go to the other sites this industry provides, that are full of redundant information , bias opinion, and fictional editorial. This site gives you the chance to say everything you have been thinking for years. It's time we heard from you!!!!!!!!

         This site is so easy to use! Just select from a category on the home page. It will have a question for discussion, and a list of previous responses from fellow horse folks like you. You will also be able to post a response in any section you choose. Remember this is your chance to express a concern, raise a little Cain, or pass on some advice or a story to others that will enhance their experience in this vast horsedom called the Tennessee Walking Horse.