NASHVILLE TN: In an impromptu presser today ,at Tennessee State Capital, during a vote on a domestic pet ban on felons, HSUS Representative for Tennessee, Eric Swafford said, “as the position” of the Humane Society of the United States, ” The PAST Act does and will apply to any horse with a padded shoe, action device, or weighted shoe, from any breed, and from any state”.” It is our responsibility to our donors to not only stop the cruelty of packaged shoes, action devices in walking and racking horses, but on all horses, regardless if they are parade, saddlebreds, or morgans.” “There is so much we have missed”, Swafford goes on, “To think these people would pad up, with stacks, a little innocent hackney pony is plain cruel. ” 

 Since the early 70’s , The Horse Protection Act, has grown ever so slowly into one of the largest cases of government overreach in USDA history. And, as each humane group pops up out of the wood work, we find them making millions of dollars in donations draining, unsuspecting donors with lies and mysterious claims. The HPA was never a humane law, its a commerce clause law which basically says since a sore horse gives the owner or rider an unfair advantage, it raises the horses value, and since they show in many states, was passed under the commerce clause. Sore horses have no value, and 65% of the horses showing now never leave Tennessee.

All states have laws already on the books and address soring. The Federal law, the HPA, Horse Protection Act, and USDA veternarans are assigned to inspect with very subjective methods. The HPA puts the responsibility on the show chariman of the events, and require a vet or lay person from a HIO (Horse Industry Organisation) to inspect. In Tennessee the state law put the responsibily on the “ringmaster”.
The HSUS is based out of Washington D.C. and has offices in Tennessee.

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