This house bill goes to the floor tomorrow for a vote then to the Gov of Tennessee. Its already passed the house. How will this law define certainin offenses and can they require any court to fall in this jurisdiction.

HB 1643
by *Jernigan , Griffey, Hodges, Tillis, Johnson G, Cepicky, Helton, Beck, Hawk, Rudder, Potts, Smith
(SB 1747)
AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 39, Chapter 14, Part 2 and Title 40, Chapter 39, Part 1, relative to offenses against animals.
Animal Cruelty and Abuse – As introduced, requires a sentencing court to prohibit a defendant convicted of certain offenses against animals from owning any companion animal for at least two years from the date of conviction. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 14, Part 2 and Title 40, Chapter 39, Part 1.
H. Placed on Regular Calendar for 3/5/2020 02/27/2020
Placed on cal. Calendar & Rules Committee for 2/27/2020 02/26/2020
Rec. for pass. if am., ref. to Calendar & Rules Committee 02/19/2020
Placed on cal. Judiciary for 2/19/2020 02/12/2020
Rec for pass if am by s/c ref. to Judiciary 02/11/2020
Placed on s/c cal Criminal Justice Subcommittee for 2/11/2020 02/05/2020
Assigned to s/c Criminal Justice Subcommittee 01/22/2020
P2C, ref. to Judiciary 01/22/2020
Intro., P1C. 01/16/2020
Filed for introduction 01/14/2020

Rcvd. from S., held on H. desk. 02/27/2020
Engrossed; ready for transmission to House 02/25/2020
Passed Senate as amended, Ayes 23, Nays 5 02/24/2020
Senate adopted Amendment (Amendment 1 – SA0495) 02/24/2020
Placed on Senate Regular Calendar for 2/24/2020 02/20/2020
Recommended for passage with amendment/s, refer to Senate Calendar Committee Ayes 6, Nays 2 PNV 0 02/18/2020
Placed on Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for 2/18/2020 02/12/2020
Passed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate Judiciary Committee 01/23/2020
Introduced, Passed on First Consideration 01/22/2020
Filed for introduction 01/21/2020

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