WalkingHorseChat.com reinstalls old forums, old rules. anonymous posts…ONE YEAR FREE…

Over time it was very obvious that the WHC lost its communication factor to the greatness and steller design of facebook and twitter. The power of the WHC Members Forums became a vital part of the TWH world, because they questioned power, they questioned bad judging, and they questioned illegal actions.
I have never regretted the use of the WHC forums to help the little guy get treated right, when they were stomped on by the country club crowd. And to go even further, to aid the regular everyday family to have access to the activity at the horse shows, even while the TWHNC slowly trims seating to box seats only, loudly saying, “po folks” not apply
Now days its the FAST crowd. Its well known on the street and among trainers that unless you or a strong customer are on the donor list, you will soon find yourself getting turned down by SHOW DQPs. There is an obvious trend, and if the SHOW officials or TWHNC can’t see the trend, its easy to show them. Just see who is getting turned down and who isn’t. Rich folks have sounder horses…don’t go there.

So the forums are back, and its by a 5 year thrashing by my close friends that tell me they are needed because as soon as a vocal person specaks out on any subject on facebook, they find themselves in FB jail. I get it, and have been there.


WalkingHorseChat’s MEMBERS FORUMS

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